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Home Watch Services


High Maintenance Home Watch Services

We provide homeowners with customized affordable Home Watch Services. Having a home watch service is necessary to protect your investment from potential threats of home Intrusion, water damage, storms, pests and other unforeseen events that could and do occur. Our goal is to provide you peace of mind and security that your home, second home, vacation home, condominium or investment property, is in capable, trustworthy hands while you are away. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly home watch packages In addition, our home watch service plans we provide an extensive concierge menu to help you manage your life and vacations more effectively.  We will attend to your specific requests in addition to our home watch checklists.  Relax and enjoy your time away while a home watch professional supervises home repairs, handles deliveries and prepares for your return. Many things can go wrong in 30 days in an unattended property. That is why we strongly recommend 2-4 inspection visits per month. 


During each visit to your home a home watch professional will check the premises, utilities, evidence of unwanted pests, and any visible maintenance problems. You will receive a notification updating you on the current state of your home and any recommendations, if necessary.

We will make every efforts to provide watch services on different days and times so as to prevent the establishment of a routine that is recognizable to outsiders. One visit will be conducted after dark to check on lighting.


The key(s) to your property will be stored in a secure key lock box, number coded.  Addresses and codes will be stored in another location on a secured computer.

To give each homeowner peace of mind we provide periodic photographs of the interior, exterior, any areas of concern or special interest. We will provide photos of any contractor work performed. The photos will be emailed, if a clients requests photos on a flash drive and to be mailed additional fees may apply. 

Interior Services

On each inspection visit we will:

  • Check the security of all windows and doors.

  • Look for visible damage such as broken glass.

  • Check for mold growth on interior surfaces (walls, doors, ceilings, etc.).

  • If any unusual odors are detected, initiate corrective actions. 

  • Look for unusual dirt or dust evidence.

  • Check floors, walls and ceilings for signs of water damage or leaks.

  • Check home for visual signs of insects or pests.

  • Raise and lower all overhead garage doors to prevent the seals from adhering to the concrete.

  • Upon arrival we will turn on main water supply to allow for inspections. Unless otherwise requested, we will shut off main water supply upon leaving.

  • Run all faucets in sinks and tubs, run shower.

  • Flush toilets and swish out with provided brush and cleaner.

  • Check refrigerator(s) for cooling and thawing.

  • Run dishwasher on short cycle

  • Check circuit breakers and main power.

  • Verify electric hot water breaker is off/ gas water heaters on low.

  • Check and record A/C & Heat settings, verify system is operating.

  • Open faucet to drain water from pipes.

  • On initial inspection check for any trash left in house. 

  • Start  / Drive car (if requested)

  • Check and change A/C filter (if requested)

Exterior Services

On each inspection visit we check:

  • Look for signs of unauthorized intrusion, theft, or vandalism.  Immediately contact Police.

  • Look for visible damage such as broken glass.

  • Inspect windows, screens, or window coverings for signs of damage.

  • Inspect screened patio enclosures for tears or damage.

  • Visually inspect condition of exterior A/C units.

  • Check A/C condensate drains are unobstructed.

  • Check operation of cooling/heating system.

  • Check mailbox for mail, and for vandalism.

  • Look for roof damage that can be seen from the ground.

  • Look for signs of Mold, Mildew, Bug infestation.

  • Look for visible signs of fire ants, lawn/ landscape issues, irrigation problems.

  • Note any obvious wasp or bee nests and take appropriate actions.

  • Check for visible signs of water leaks.

  • Make sure all exterior taps and hose bibs are off and not leaking.

  • Check for and remove any solicitation, flyers, debris etc.

  • Check exterior lighting.

  • Assess quality of pool and spa maintenance service performance. (if applies)

  • Check for any obvious leaks or damage. (if applies)

Home Guardian Services

Additional fees will apply for these services:

  • Hurricane Preparation Services.

    • Installation Of Your Existing Storm Panels

    • Removal Of Your Existing Storm Panels

    • Bringing in outside furniture and décor

  • We will perform a thorough combined interior/exterior inspection of your home as soon as possible after a severe storm event.

    • Home check after summer storms, these storms can cause damage to homes and property from high winds, heavy rain, flooding, and dangerous lighting. 

    • Check essential home systems air conditioning, security alarms, and pool systems for damage and could de-energized by power outages and surges. These systems will be reset as needed. 

    • Check fuse/circuit breaker box for signs of surge damage.

  • Opening home for contractors and deliveries.

  • Change batteries in smoke detectors.

  • Replace defective smoke detectors.

  • Home Opening & Closing Services

  • Light Grocery Shopping

  • Local Errand Services

  • Package and Delivery Management

  • Airport Shuttle Services 

  • Home Services Oversight 

  • Home Improvement Oversight

  • Contractor Oversight 

  • Inspection Oversight 

  • 24/7 Availability & More  

Home Opening Service

 We will prepare the residence as follows: 

  • Turn on main water supply valve & perform flush out of hot and cold water lines through all faucets and toilets.

  • Reactivate ice maker in freezer.

  • Energize water heater.

  • Check that air conditioning/heating systems are functioning properly.

  • Adjust A/C or heat to customers desired living temperatures.

  • Open shutters, drapes, and blinds as required.

  • Close all closet and cabinet doors.

  • We can restock your refrigerator and pantry with essential grocery items per your specifications.  Additional charges apply.

  • Check phones for dial tone.

  • Check that clocks are displaying correct time and reset when necessary.

  • Additional charges apply.


 Shutdown Service

 We will prepare the residence as follows:

  • Flush all toilets.

  • Turn off main water supply valve, and open faucets to depressurize lines.

  • Discard all perishable food items.

  • Make sure trash has been removed.

  • De-energize water heater at circuit breaker or wall outlet.

  • Turn off ice maker and discard ice.

  • Reset A/C or heat to "away" settings.

  • Close shutters, drapes, and blinds per your instructions.

  • Open all closet and cabinet doors for air circulation.

  • Check that all accessible and unnecessary appliances, TVs, home theater/sound systems, phones, microwave oven, lamps, computers, stereos, etc. are turned off.

  • Check that all windows and doors are secured for extended absence. 

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